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Condominiums  • Cooperatives  • Homeowner Associations

Other Membership Organizations

For Organizations Who Want to Benefit From

•  Self Management

•  Providing support to resident or employee managers

•  Achieve stronger financial and internal controls

•  Separating financial management functions from
facilities management functions

•  Billing and collection of membership fees

Benefits Provided
Who You’ll Work With
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At Community Financial Management we believe that your accounting and financial manager should provide your organization with a comprehensive array of services to insure that your assets are protected and operations function smoothly and efficiently. 

Community Financial Management services to a variety of organizations, from Common Interest Realty Associations, Rental properties and membership organizations such as golf and tennis clubs, and virtually any membership organization.

We don’t want to be just your accountants or collection service – we want to be your trusted advisors who you can count on to be available should you have any financial questions or concerns.

Community Financial Management, LLC

8 Oak Street • Lincroft • New Jersey • 07738-1819

Phone: 732-530-7717  Fax: 732-530-1177

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